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FDI's First Vice Chairman Marketing Director

Andre Vaughn

Andre Vaughn

Hometown: Dallastown, PA


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Each new FDI rank come with only one first. As it was when Roger Bannister first broke through the 4-minute mile, so it has been with Andre Vaughn. Nearly 2 years ago, Andre was the first FDI Independent Marketing Director to achieve the rank of Presidential. In the months that followed, the rank that once seemed unreachable was also earned by nearly a dozen more...

Well, History has a funny way of repeating itself! Andre has once again proven that the seemingly unattainable is certainly not so. With his recent promotion to Vice Chairman, Andre again enjoys a top rank in FDI as the solo achiever. But, as history has taught us, he may not be alone for long! In the mean time, enjoy the view from the new TOP of FDIs leadership ladder, and CONGRATULATIONS from the entire FDI Nation on a job well done!

FDI's First Vice Chairman Marketing Director

Andre Vaughn recognizes our Top Elite Leaders from all across the FDI Nation.

We are proud of our Leaders who have gone the extra mile to set themselves apart and ahead of the crowd.

Financial Destination has made a tremendous impact on my life over the past few years. I had originally joined the business because I saw how it could help retain my real estate clients who were not in the financial position to purchase the home that they really wanted. However, after receiving a few checks in the mail and understanding the compensation plan, I began to realize how lucrative this opportunity could be. Now, as one of FDI's top income earners, I can tell you that FDI is not only lucrative, it is life changing!

What's even more remarkable is that FDI has been the first business venture my entire family has been able to do together. My wife, mother, father, brother, twin sister, and brother-in-law all have memberships. Even my 70 year old aunt has a membership! Needless to say, she is excited about what her membership brings as well as the opportunity to share these powerful memberships with others. In addition, the majority of my friends are also involved. FDI has helped me reinforce my existing relationships as well as to form new relationships with like-minded positive people who want to win. This aspect of our business is truly priceless.

We talk about and focus on money a lot here at FDI, but money is just a tool time freedom is the real reward our business offers. In the two short years that I have been aligned with FDI, I have been able to experience so many new and exciting adventures. During the 2006 NFL season, my wife and I were able to travel to every Baltimore Ravens game home and away. We have taken exotic trips to Hawaii and Mexico. We now have five FDI car bonuses coming into our household. I have been able to travel across the country sharing FDI and truly helping thousands of people. Who do you know that is in the position to retire at age 30? Well, my wife Monique has just retired, and I'm next!

Many of us have gone through our lives watching our dreams get crushed under the weight of the system that we have been taught to use fraught with credit challenges, financial illiteracy, and mountains of debt. A couple of years ago, that was me too. Not only has FDI resurrected my dreams, FDI has helped me to dream bigger dreams. Now, not only am I dreaming bigger, I truly believe that I can attain all of my dreams.

-Andre Vaughn

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